Mastering the Peaky Blinders Style: A Comprehensive Guide


The iconic British crime drama, Peaky Blinders, not only captivates with its gripping plotlines but also with its distinctive 1920s fashion. The series’ unique aesthetics have had a profound influence on contemporary style, as viewers around the globe are embracing the Peaky Blinders style. This comprehensive guide will delve into how to master and incorporate this powerful look into your wardrobe.

Understanding the Peaky Blinders Style

Born out of post-war Birmingham, the Peaky Blinders style revels in bold, assertive tailoring that commands respect. Below are a few signature elements constituting this look:

1. Three-piece Suits: A key to unlocking the mystery of the Peaky Blinders style, three-piece tweed suits are a must. More casual than a tuxedo but more distinguished than your average dress clothes, they are the epitome of refined masculinity.

2. Newsboy Caps and Flat Caps: These are the trademark accessories of the Shelby clan. Made from wool or tweed, these caps add an effortless finish to the ensemble.

3. High-collared Shirts: Opt for thick cotton shirts with penny collars. These shirts provide an authentic Peaky Blinders touch to any three-piece suit.

4. Heavy Boots: The heavy boots used in the show not only reflect the rough, industrial era the characters inhabit, but also their resolute nature.

Incorporating the Peaky Blinders Style

Fashion is not merely about imitation but personal interpretation. Now that we understand the basics, let’s explore how to introduce the Peaky Blinders style into your personal wardrobe.

1. Investing in Quality Pieces:

High-quality, bespoke tailoring is the backbone of the Peaky Blinders wardrobe. Your suit needs to be robustly made from durable fabrics. This will ensure longevity and comfort, two key factors that define the Blinders’ attire.

2. Wearing Tweed:

Tweed is a distinguishing factor in Peaky Blinders outfits. Whether in herringbone or check patterns, a coarse tweed suit is a must-have item if you aspire to create that timeless Peaky Blinders aesthetic.

3. Accessorizing Correctly:

No Peaky Blinders-inspired outfit is complete without the appropriate accessories. Choose from full-grain leather boots, woollen caps, or metal pocket watches to add character to the ensemble.

4. Getting the Right Fit:

One cannot ignore the importance of a well-fitted suit in pulling off the Peaky Blinders look. Ensure your suit hugs the body perfectly, your trousers are tailored to a high waist, and your waistcoat doesn’t droop or strain.

5. Styling for Women:

The Peaky Blinders style is not confined to men’s fashion only. Women can play with rich, heavy fabrics, masculine cuts, laced-up boots and vintage jewellery to unleash their Blinder’s spirit!

Defining Your Peaky Blinders Style

Defining your Peaky Blinders style starts with understanding your personal style. Are you more of a flamboyant Alfie Solomons or a restrained Thomas Shelby? Tailor your look to match your personality and lifestyle.


The Peaky Blinders style has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in the fashion industry. This guide serves as a stepping stone for you to incorporate that sartorial elegance into your wardrobe. Remember, it’s not merely about wearing the right clothes but also about delivering the right attitude. So, pull on a flat cap, suit up in tweed, and embrace the mystique of the Peaky Blinders!

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