Exceptional Guide to Men’s Wedding Outfit Choices: Make a Sophisticated Style Statement


A man’s wedding outfit is more than a mere ensemble; it is a reflection of his personality, taste and style. The selection of the perfect wedding outfit leaves a lasting impression, setting the groom apart on his special day.

Understanding the Dress Code

Before diving into specific outfits, it’s essential to decode the event’s dress code. From black tie to casual, the code reveals the desired level of formality.

Black Tie

For a black tie event, a man’s wedding attire must be elegant and sophisticated. A tuxedo with a black bow tie, white dress shirt, and black patent leather shoes are the classic choices.

Formal or Black Tie Optional

A tuxedo could still fit the bill, but a dark suit can be a great alternative. Pair it with a conservative tie, leather shoes and you’re all set.

Cocktail Attire

This dress code allows for a bit more flexibility. A lighter colored suit, like grey or navy, works well.


Casual weddings allow for a variety of outfit choices. Cotton suits, khakis, and button-down shirts are all acceptable options.

Choosing a Wedding Outfit

Here we explore different elements to consider when selecting the perfect wedding outfit.

The Suit

A well-fitted suit is the cornerstone of a groom’s attire. The suit could be classic, contemporary or chic, based on your style and the dress code.

Single vs. Double Breasted

A single-breasted suit is the more versatile and popular choice. A double-breasted suit, boasting two columns of buttons, is considered more formal and vintage.

Peak vs. Notch Lapel

Peak lapels, which point upwards towards the shoulders, have a formal and traditional appeal. Notch lapels, where the bottom of the collar and top of lapel form a notch-like shape, are more casual and versatile.

Suit Colors

The suit color can greatly alter the impression lent by your outfit. Classic colors include navy, black, and charcoal, while a beige or tan suit may work for more casual weddings.

Wedding Shirts

A crisp, clean wedding shirt is pivotal. It provides a blank canvas against which to showcase your suit, tie, and accessories.

Collar Types

Consider the collar type, which can range from spread and cutaway to point and button-down.

Cuff Types

Choice of cuff type can add interest to your wedding outfit, with options like French cuffs, single or double cuffs.

Wedding Ties

To pull together your look, the tie is key. Choose a tie that complements your suit and shirt colours and patterns.

Wedding Shoes

Select shoes that offer both comfort and style. Classic black or brown leather shoes are timeless and versatile choices, while loafers and brogues add charm to more relaxed looks.

Seasonal Considerations

The season of the wedding can greatly influence your outfit. In cooler climes, tweed or wool suits are attractive options. For summer weddings, initiate lighter fabrics like cotton or linen, and lighter colors.

Wedding Accessories

The perfect accessories can elevate your outfit from mundane to memorable. Pocket squares add a touch of class, cufflinks lend an air of sophistication, and decorative socks inject a dash of fun into the mix.


Choosing the perfect men’s wedding outfit is no mean feat. Yet with careful consideration of dress code, style, comfort, and personal taste, it’s perfectly possible to stand out. It’s your special day – dress to impress, and make a statement that matches your personality and style.

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